Review of the Sheehy Skeffington School, 2012 – 2018.

School Theme and Contributors, by year.

2019 School:  Rediscovering Democracy and the Common Good: The Contribution of Human Rights.

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington – Opening Remarks

Carol Coulter: Chair

Michael O’Flaherty, Director EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Susan McKay, Author, Journalist and Broadcaster


Donal O’Kelly, Playwright, Actor and Human Rights Activist & Máire Ní hAinle, Musician : The Poet & the Piper:

2018 School: Rights, Representation and Reality

Carol Coulter: Chair

Lynn Ruane: Limited Liberty

Michael Farrell: 1968-2018, Memories & lessons from the North

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington: Illustrated talk on Hanna’s and Francis’ campaigns

Claire McGing: After the Vote: Gendered citizenship and representation in the Republic of Ireland

Margaret Ward: A Symbol of freedom” – Hanna Sheehy Skeffington’s assessment of the position of women in post-suffrage Ireland

Mary Dorcey: The Ordinary Woman

2017 School: Borders and Belonging, Migrants and Membership – Putting the Human Back into Human Rights

Chairs: Carol Coulter & Anastasia Crickley

Conor Gearty: Is the human rights era coming to an end – whither refugees & migrants?

Siobhan Mulally: Beyond the limits of law – ‘we are migrants’ 

Edel McGinley: New realities of migration and collective approaches to growing migrant rights

Mirjana Rendulic: Broken Promise Land

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington: Hanna and Me

Sorley McCaughey: Climate changea driver of instability and violence

Lucky Khambule: Moving forward – alternatives to direct provision and protecting the right to housing and work for asylum seekers and refugees

Bernadette McAliskey: Universal rights begin in small places close to home

Champa Costa: Why regularisation matters – the economic and moral rationale

Donal O’Kelly: 67 Words

2016 School: The Irish Citizen in 2016 – Revival, Revolution and Rights

Chairs: Carol Coulter & Betty Purcell

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington: Asserting rights – what the Sheehy Skeffingtons stood for in 1916

Colin Harvey: Human rights in a new republic

Declan Kiberd: Reviving Ireland – the Sheehy Skeffingtons and others

Lar Joyce: The bullet in the brick – an account of Francis Sheehy Skeffington’s last days, 100 years ago

Aiden Lloyd: You only cherish those you protect

David Joyce: Traveller housing – rights and ethnicity

Fiona O’Reilly: How right goes wrong – challenging health inequity

Pablo Vicente: Activism in action – the Basque pursuit of Justice

Deaglán Ó Mocháin: Síocháiní, TG4/ Dearcán Media documentary on Frank Sheehy Skeffington

Donal O’Kelly, Máire Ní Áinle and Toss Quinn: Brothers – 7th May 1916 by Jessamine O’Connor

2015 School: Re-Imagining the Republic – The Role of Human Rights

Chairs: Carol Coulter & Susan McKay

Sinead Gibney: Imagining a society where there is respect for the dignity and worth of each person – the vision of the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission

Martin Collins: Travellers’ rights and the resistance

Sylvia Mbasinge: Experiences of direct provision – missing human rights

Margaret Ward: Hanna Sheehy Skeffington – a non-conformist woman

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington

Anastasia Crickley: International scrutiny – promoting rights, justice and sustainable development

David Hickey: Cuba and Celac – free at last

Donal O’Kelly with percussionist Brian Fleming: Direct Provision

2014 School: Promoting Human Rights & Social Justice

Carol Coulter: Chair

Michael Farrell: Brief update on human rights infrastructure

Gareth Peirce: No world for whistleblowers

Seanie Lambe: Communities, regeneration and rights

Clare Daly: The legacy of austerity

Leeann Lane: The Irish suffrage campaign on the eve of World War 1 : Tensions and debates

Richard Sheehy: Thoughts on Francis Sheehy Skeffington

Donal O’Kelly: Readings from ‘A Prodigal Daughter’ a play written by Francis Sheehy Skeffington

2013 School: 1913-2013: ‘Back to the Future?’

Chair: Carol Coulter

Aoife Nolan: Human rights in Ireland after the global economic crisis

Austin O’Carroll: How health inequalities undermine human rights and democratic participation

Panel Discussion: Michael Farrell, Rachel Mullen, Mariaam Bhatti, Dessie Donnelly, Joe Donohoe, John Douglas

Rosemary Cullen Owens: A turbulent decade – Women in social and national movements in Ireland,1908-1918

John Douglas: Organising for change – what now for the unions?

Donal O’Kelly: Hairy Jaysus

2012 School: Putting Human Rights at the Heart of the Good Society

Chairs: Carol Coulter & Anastasia Crickley

Donncha O’Connell: Human rights – what Ireland says, and what it does: the case for an alternative compliance model

Ivana Bacik: Embedding a culture of human rights in policy and administration

John Bissett: Employing a human rights framework to achieve social inclusion objectives

Mary Cullen: Republican citizenship in Ireland: yesterday and today

Aideen Gilmore: Promoting human rights in Northern Ireland – building ownership & collaboration in coalition

Michael Taft: Advancing human rights in the face of economic adversity