Sheehy Skeffington School

Spring 2014

Thanks to all who attended the 2014 Sheehy Skeffington on Saturday 12th April at the Ireland Institute, Pearse Street, Dublin.
We hope you found it of interest.
We are gradually adding presentation material from the speakers on this website.

Check here for downloads and videos for the 2014 School.

To those who made the event possible through their support - speakers, sponsors, actors, members of the Sheehy / Sheehy Skeffington families, caterer, and venue manager - a special thanks.

  Irish Citizen newspaper August 1914. Votes for Women and 'Damn your war'  
Irish Citizen, August 1914.

Hanna and Francis Sheehy Skeffington were closely connected with this paper, as editors and contributors.
The headlines of August 15th 1914illustrate the priorities of the time - women's suffrage, and an umambiguous position with regard to the recent outbreak of war. 

The Irish Citizen recognised the Rights and Duties associated 
with Citizenship. 
Irish Citizen Newspaper - the rights and duties of the citizen